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Introducing Indian Sweets!!

Introducing Indian Sweets

In 2009 some of our customers may remember that we had Indian sweets on our menu. Making Indian Sweets is a very time taking process.

After trying for about 6+ months we stopped making them to concentrate on our main offering.

We have a supplier that we have been dealing with for more than 2 decades who supplied us with good quality products. We are introducing 5 different types of Indian Sweets supplied by this supplier. They have been tried and tested in our kitchen just to make sure of the quality.

Indian sweets have more sugar and so may not suit everyone. Gulab Jamun is the one to try as the sweetness is in the syrup and so you have some control over the sweetness. Please heat the one gulab jamun in the microwave for about 50 seconds to max your taste. Please note you may need to try a few times since the heat in microwaves are different. We got the optimum taste at our place in between 30 to 35 seconds in a 1500W commercial microwave.

We think each box can offer 8+ servings. At this stage we can’t offer a smaller pack. It may last in the fridge for 3 + days after opening.

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