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Best Ways to Enjoy

Warning: While we are trying to give you a honest information with the best intentions, we would like to advise you that you need take professional advice to look after your health if needed.


General Info:


Tomato – There is tomato in every dish except Mango chicken

Gluten – All our curries are gluten free.

Ginger and Garlic –  There is ginger and garlic in every dish except Aloo Masala.

Nuts – We only use cashew nuts. Only four curries have pureed cashew. Navaratan Korma, Beef Korma, Butter chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Oil – We use pure vegetable oil in our cooking. There should approximately ¾ table spoon of oil in a large meat curry. About 2.5 table spoon of oil in the large vegetable dish. In most cases it might be less. We cook very slowly most of the time and because of the way we cook the oil rather than mixed in your curry it may tend come outside and float. This we think is the sign of good cooking and nothing to be concerned. In most cases we take the oil out and put in the bin. We use similar portion of oil every time. When it is cooked nicely it may float especially in a vegetable dish. If this has happened in your container by chance you should put the top oil in your bin and we think you will have less than 2.5 table spoon mixed in the vegetable curry.

Complimentary Raita – We serve complimentary raita sauce with Vegetable samosa, Onion Pakora, Meat Samosa, chicken tikka and spicy chicken tikka. Please ask for normal raita OR spicy raita depending on what you want.

Mild/ Medium Hot / Hot – When we say mild in a dish it does have some chilli in the dish. The only exception is Butter chicken and Mango chicken. They both don’t have any chilli in it. Very suitable for young children. Beef Vindaloo is very hot compared to most places. Chicken chetinad is also hot but only about 30% as hot as the vindaloo. There are quite a few medium hot dishes, but only one in the vegetarian ( Aloo Palak).

Vinegar – We have Vinegar in Beef vindaloo, Chicken Palak, Aloo Palak, Saag Dhal, and Aloo Eggplant.

Rice – The rice we use is good quality low starch basmati rice. My supplier said it is good variety even for someone with diabetes.

Butter chicken( Mild) – Most popular dish. Very mild and will suit children. We serve butter chicken to almost 8 out of 10 customers. Butter chicken goes well Saag dhal. We think butter chicken is good mix with any dish that has spinach. We sell the sauce separately for Vegetarians.

Chicken Tikka Masala( Med Hot) – Contains about 10 different spices. The most we use in any dish. It has cream and capsicum. We sell this sauce separately for vegetarians.

Mango Chicken — Very Mild. Contains Mango Pulp and coconut cream. No tomato in this dish. Chicken is hand trimmed to remove fat. Suitable for young Children

Chicken Chetinad (In between medium and Hot) – Contains good portion of Black pepper. It is little bit more than medium spicy. About 30% as hot as beef vindaloo. If beef vindaloo is too hot for you this should be next hottest dish for you. The chicken is hand trimmed to remove the fat.

Chicken Palak – Spinach and chicken. It only contains chicken that is hand trimmed of fat some spices, tomato, pureed onion, vegetable oil, ginger, garlic, spinach and chicken.

Lamb Madras – Sri’s favourite dish. When we introduced this dish to our beloved Bondi customers in 1998 we spent a good 11 months in refining and fine tuning the recipe. This dish is not for you if you don’t like coconut. It contains desiccated coconut and coconut cream.

Lamb Roganjosh – You have to smell this before you eat. Enjoy with all your senses. The lamb is slow cooked in between 5 to 6 hours.


Beef Korma – Mild diced beef cooked in about 8 different spices with cream and cashew nut. Slow cooked to make the meat pleasant to eat.

Beef Vindaloo – Very Spicy compared to other places. This is the feedback we got from our customers. If you are at the premises and you are new to our place, please ask for a little taste before you buy.


Saag Dhal(Vegan) – This is popular dish that we make with spinach and lentils. The lentils are actually black chickpeas cut into half. This is a very popular mix with butter chicken. Our customers say that this is goes well with butter chicken,

Navaratan Korma – This dish has got the most variety of vegetables. It has got Carrot, Zhucini, Cauliflower, Peas, red capsicum and green capsicum. If you like a particular vegetable in particular you can request us to add more of this. We frequently get requests for more Cauli. Please note that it very hard to serve without peas. This has got Pureed cashew and cream.

Palak Panner – This is the most popular Vegetarian Dish. We use high quality Panner. Some of our customers like more Panner and some less. Some like more spinach. Please mention in your comments your preference. This dish is just a touch more than mild. Not too much.

While we try to give good portion of panner in your serving. If by chance you get less please be assured that this not done intentionally. In busy time since many things are happening at the same time we would have packed that by mistake.

Aloo Eggplant(Vegan) – This dish has Vinegar and 60- 70% eggplant and rest with diced potato. Since eggplant can get much smaller you may feel that there is less eggplant. Some of customers want more eggplant and happily try to serve them more. If there is less eggplant in your serving this is not intention to serve you that way.

Aloo Masala(Vegan) – Mainly Potato in the dish.  It is slightly more than Mild.

Aloo Mattar ( Vegan) – Mixture of Potato and peas. Some customers like this with butter Chicken

Naans general info: Our naans are cooked and packed in hot pack. They will be good eat decently warm up to 50 mins. If it is cold the best way to bring it back to life is to sprinkle some water and just warm the naan. In a standard microwave it should be less than 1 min. Once it is warm it is best to eat straight away. Please don’t overheat it as it can get hard.

We have some customers who buy naan in bulk and freeze them. Not sure about the quality as we have not tried it. All the stuffed naans can be made with adding chilli in the middle. We have some customers add chilli in the cheese naan. Making it a chilli cheese naan.

While we make the naan and check for quality it is best to turn the naan and inspect for any black lumps at the back. This is the overcooked dough from the naan that was made in the same area just before. We generally check and remove it, but it is best to check and remove it.

All naans can be made fresh if you can wait. In busy time it may be 15 mins or more. Most of the delivery naans are packed fresh when the orders come in.

We put a lot of effort in making good naan breads. We want to share following insight into our Naan making process:
In the first 30 mins after we open the Naans are decent but in our opinion not top quality.
Until about 8 Pm the naan are really good.

If you have not tried before you should try the naans after 8 PM. In generally we get top quality naans after 8 PM. We think the heat in the oven is evenly spread around and also because we have more time to concentrate on the naans.

Our opening times:

EVERYDAY – 5 PM to 10 PM

Plain Naan – This is just a piece of plain bread and we apply little bit of vegetable oil to keep the freshness for a long period.

Garlic Naan – Most popular naan. Sri’s Favourite. It is very light. While for other naans we generally spread oil on top we don’t for this one. Sometimes we add little oil to make the Coriander stick. Some customers like extra garlic on top. Please mention this as we don’t know unless you tell us.

Cheese Naan – A big handful of cheese is stuffed in the handmade dough. Very filling and popular.

Cheese & Garlic Naan – Second most popular naan. It is good if you are hungry person as it has almost a big handful of cheese. We apply garlic and coriander on top.

Spinach and Cheese Naan – A mixture of cheese and spinach with a little bit of pepper is stuffed in the dough and cooked.

Spinach cheese & Garlic Naan – It is the same as the spinach and cheese naan. The bread is topped with Garlic and some coriander and cooked in the tandoor oven.

Kashmiri Naan – This naan is sweet. It contains almond meal, Coconut milk powder and sultanas.

Aloo Paratha – It is stuffed mashed potato and we add chilli to it. It will be spicy. We don’t add too much potato as it will not be that presentable when rolled.

Keema Naan – Contains minced lamb and nine different spices in the stuffing inside. It should be somewhat spicy.


Vegetable Samosa – We make the pastry with plain flour. They are then stuffed with mainly potato and seven different types of spices. Different customers like it cooked differently. If you like them well done, lightly cooked please mention this in the comments.  While it is very difficult to honour this request in busy we can try to do this as we know what we like.  Based on the feedback we got we make our samosas smaller than most places.


Meat Samosa – We make the pastry with plain flour. They are then stuffed with mainly with minced land, peas and nine different types of spices.  This would be slightly more spicy than the vegetable samosa. Different customers like it cooked differently. If you like them well done, lightly cooked please mention this in the comments.  While it is very difficult to honour this request when busy we can try to do this as we know what you like.


Onion Pakora – It has got nine different ingredients in the Onion Pakora. We try not compact the Onion pakora too much as we want it cook it inside. Some customers as for crispier ones. It may not possible to honour this request all the time.

Chicken Tikka – Trimmed thigh fillets marinated in about 10 types of spices along with good quality Yogurt. Slow cooked in the tandoor. We serve with a complimentary raita Sauce.


Spicy Chicken Tikka – Exactly same as the normal tikka made a little more spicy. We think this is little more than what we call a medium spicy.

Raita – Yoghurt mixed some grated cucumber, cumin seeds etc. Good side to have especially when you are having the hot dish.


Spicy Raita – This is exactly same as the normal cucumber made a little more spicy. Someone having a mild dish can have this on the side to make the meal little spicy. We think this is little more than what we call medium spicy.


Mango Lassi — Sri’s favourite drink. Contains Mango pulp, Yoghurt and Milk. We think it is nice to have this when you little tired. Sri has this drink at the start of the work and one at one after finishing work.


Papadums – They are made with chickpea flour and are gluten free. They are fried very high temperature oil and oil generally does not stick to the papadums. Ideally, we try fry them in about 240 degree heat of oil. Since the papadums get fold sometimes some oil may end up in your bag. They should generally last 2 to 3 days in decent quality if you leave it the way we packed. You could try breaking them up and spreading all along your dinner plate. Generally nice when dipped in Sweet mango chutney. They are not spicy.


Sweet Mango Chutney – Most popular. Lot of our customers use this as a dip for Papadums. It is sweet. Real mango slices in pureed form

Green Chilli Pickle — Most hot pickle with green chiili’s.

Mango Chilli Pickle — Most pickle. Sri’s preference in the pickles.

Lime Pickle – Real lime slices in pickle form

Mixed Pickle – Mixture of mango and other mixes of pickle.